News \ 23 Apr 19

New 2019 collections design Gordon Guillaumier

“A mesh enclosure, light and almost transparent, that captures the light emitted by a slim base in teak wood: simple elements making up PILLOW, the outdoor light designed to be hung from a tree branch or rested on the ground, to illuminate the environment with its veiled and suffused light.”

(Gordon Guillaumier)


RODA presents at Salone del Mobile 2019 PILLOW, design Gordon Guillaumier and adds a lighting fixture to its range of accessories for outdoor use.

PILLOW is made of some of the materials traditionally used by RODA, such as natural teak and Batyline (white in this product), and features trimmings that define the sides of the lantern.

The adjustable LED light lets you create an intimate, relaxing atmosphere in any environment, thanks to the dynamic white technology that makes it possible to select intermediate temperatures, ranging from a warm 3000k white to a cold 4000k colour shade. Adjustment and choice of intensity is by means of a dimmer, with a touch system to turn the light on and off.

PILLOW is charged with a power cable and is equipped with a wireless communication device.

By making it possible to adjust the intensity of the light and to use the lantern as either a self-standing or a hanging light, with PILLOW, RODA proposes a product perfectly in keeping with its sensitivity concept and its capacity to create an emotional atmosphere, an environment that is incredibly comfortable and soothing.  

The presence of different materials in the making of PILLOW ensures that all the traditional characteristics of RODA’s creations can be maintained, while, at the same time, introducing brand-new technological and design features.

At Salone del Mobile RODA presents an addition to collections design Gordon Guillaumier

In the wake of the success obtained, the LAZE collection acquires a new piece: a sofa proposed with just one seat cushion to reveal the lightness of the polyester filaments that criss-cross the backrest, continuously, as if on a loom. Echoing the typical finishes of the low-backrest LAZE armchair, the new product confirms RODA’s determination to offer current solutions that bring to the outdoor environment the aesthetic refinement typically associated with indoor furniture.


Salone del Mobile 2019

9/14 Aprile, Milano

Pad 20 - Stand C05