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The New RODA Catalogue 2021

A green project and valuable collaborations to experience and respect the landscape

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‘Places like landscapes to experience and inhabit; to welcome guests and feel welcomed ourselves in beautiful, comfortable surroundings; to invite the senses to a realm of well-being and pleasurability; to enjoy and appreciate well-made, high-quality design products rooted in industrial prowess. Roda plies its research, meticulousness and style toward the optimal definition in every detail of places for living, between indoors and out.

The new products for 2021 look to functionality and good design created by talents who have enhanced and enriched the RODA collection. Tables of refined geometry from Michael Anastassiades. A collection of timeless furniture from Piero Lissoni. Roda family’s first planters, made in natural cork, from Gordon Guillaumier. Rugs with refined natural colours, from Gabriella Zecca. All has been designed in the name of style and continuity under Rodolfo Dordoni’s perceptive oversight. New entries are made with the aim of sustainability and respect for our future environment, thanks to the transparent approach and assiduous commitment at RODA, where ecological responsibility is a prime part of the company’s corporate culture. The process is based on products’ durability, certified raw materials and research.’