News \ 15 Nov 18

RODA new 2019 catalogue

After making the new language of design a universal and contemporary feature, where the traditional values of design apply to the more spontaneous ones of outdoor conviviality, RODA outdoor addresses the new chromatic needs of customization, individuality and custom-made planning, introducing the Mix & Match Project, the protagonist of RODA 2019 outdoor catalogue.  It is a conceptual and formal path that allows a significant number of combinations, achievable by multiplying the colours of the structures and a larger chromatic selection of materials, combined with a much wider range of fabrics. The result is a conceptual and formal project that puts the materials and the colours at the centre of the investigation, always suggesting new combinations that go beyond the traditional expressive canons and propose new 'standards’ of design. Four chapters explore the outdoor dimension of RODA garden furniture, through a completely renewed graphic, parallel storytelling that describe the products and the brand from several points of view and a different organization, compared to previous catalogues, which is  highlighted by the change of paper types, to underline this new and important approach to the colour. RODA outdoor furniture aims at the variety but also at the synergy of the elements, of matter and function; a creative concept that marries a precise style, where the intense colours of the finishes and the patterned fabrics are related to iconic products, as well to the new collections, obtaining a considerable number of variations. With a new pragmatic language, RODA puts the project at the center to make it unique, but not univocal, listening to and interpreting the increasingly stimulating needs of the expression of living.


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