The Court - Italia | Roda


The Court - Italy

Project: Giorgia Dennerlein / Loto AD Project
Photo: Guido Fuà

The Court is the exclusive cocktail bar inside Palazzo Manfredi, a 5-star hotel with an amazing view of the Coliseum. In front of this historical palace there is the Ludus Magnus, the largest Gladiator training camp in the Antique Rome.
For this luxurious location the architectural firm Loto Ad Project chose Made in Italy. RODA design stands out the stunning view and it allows to taste a wide of innovative drinks with revolutionary techniques by “Amaro obsessed” Matteo Zed.
HARPgarden armchairs, ROOT and SUNGLASS  outdoor coffee and side tables and DOUBLEpoufs in Mediterranean nuances recreate a setting in perfect harmony with surrounding monuments.