02.2023 Noticias

The new RODA configurator is online!

RODA’s new configurator is a tool which allows a personalized visualization of all the products, through the choice of finishings, materials and fabrics, which can be selected, changed in real time and adapted to one’s taste and needs.

All this is made possible thanks to 3D renderings and high-definition textures that also allow the user to turn the products and explore them from every angle.

Accessible directly from the website and available on desktop, tablet and mobile, RODA’s configurator aims to add value to the user experience and offer customers, partners and users a realistic experience through an easy and extremely intuitive tool.

RODA satisfies the new chromatic need for personalization, individuality and custom-made planning with the mix & match project, that fully captures the possibilities of combinations between shapes, materials and colours, designed to be transversal and versatile.

The many combinations that can be obtained by multiplying several structure colours for a greater chromatic selection of materials, coordinated with a wide and colorful textile range, find today an unprecedented and concrete expression in the new configurator.