05.2021 Nachrichten

NORMA: Outdoor Kitchen

NORMA is the first RODA foray into the kitchen, one of those great Italian pleasures, and adds a new feel – and flavour – to an outdoor experience already marked by the style of the Bel Paese. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the NORMA outdoor kitchen is an invitation to share good times. Its elements of beauty and hospitality pay attention to detail and practicality. Modular, dynamic and versatile, NORMA’s handsome structure adapts to spaces of different type and size. Three independent modules offer three complementary functions.

For the project fulfillment, it is crucial the collaboration with Ilve – an italian company that specialises in manufacturing professional kitchens for residential use. The result is NORMA, an ideal merger of the values both companies truly believe in: “beautiful and well made”, a focus on individual well-being and a commitment to bring quality to personal free time.

“Cooking is one of those everyday pleasures. We wanted to enrich the atmosphere we have always brought to outdoor living through our comprehensive product lines by adding an outdoor kitchen. Norma was designed with a truly Italian essence, exalting our passion for cooking and combining it with the practicality and quality of good design”. Rodolfo Dordoni

Download NORMA catalogue (.pdf 6,86 MB)
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