04.2021 Nachrichten

Sustainable Thinking – new materials: black cork

By vocation, RODA is attentive toward nature and the relationship between people and the outdoors. For many years now, the company has been investing in a strategic process, a commitment to transparency that can be appraised and appreciated by all.

The new black cork becomes part of RODA green materials and is the protagonist of the new Bush On collection of planters designed by Gordon Guillaumier, available in three dimensions and characterized by a particular hourglass shape. Bush On planters are produced through a completely green circular process: the detachement of the bark does not require the felling of the plant. The bark is reduced in granules, which are subjected to high temperature water vapor. This process makes the granules black and at the same time expands them, allowing the internal resins to come out. These resins bind the granules together, creating a solid material without the need of chemical additives. Production offcuts become biomass fuel that provides the cork factory with green energy.

Compact, 100% natural, water-repellent, the cork of Bush On planters has high outdoor performances that make it a perfect material to give further substance to RODA’s commitment to a greener world.

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