05.2022 Nachrichten

Houseboat, the sustainable living space goes home

A blue wooden installation celebrating the sea, life in nature, the balance with the environment: it is Houseboat, designed by architect Lucio Micheletti and built by Rubner Haus on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021

On May 17, the CEO Rubner Haus Martin Oberhofer, the architect Lucio Micheletti and Matthias Innerbichler, Senior Director Hydrogen Systems, of GKN Hydrogen, celebrated the homecoming of Houseboat in Chienes (headquarters of Rubner Haus).

RODA, partner of the project, has enriched the small blue tower with LAZE collection: sofa and armchairs have been placed in the large outdoor living area that leads to the dock where the boat is housed.

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