10.2021 Noticias

Forbes publishes the list of the Top 100 sustainable companies in Italy

RODA is among the 100 best sustainable companies in Italy according to Sustainability Award

RODA is among the top 100 Italian sustainable companies awarded at the first edition of the Sustainability Award, an initiative promoted by Credit Suisse and KON Group. The ranking was published by Forbes, media partner of the initiative.

The candidates have been subjected to rigorous criteria that have made it possible to select the companies that have been operating for years for sustainable production. Among the elements that were relevant for the purposes of the rating, the propensity for innovation in governance and social media was particularly detailed. Sustainability is a subject of enormous importance and it is also proven that companies that invest in sustainability become more competitive

To develop and promote a path respectful of the environment means to embrace a process of assimilation of the values and aspirations that a furniture company can and must pursue. This sense of responsibility is intrinsic to the vision and business culture at RODA. Environmental, social and economic sustainability are part and parcel of the very idea of high quality design.

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