RODA S.r.l., in compliance with Legislative Decree 24/2023 known as the « Whistleblowing Decree », promotes, through the active and responsible participation of its employees and of all those who have relations with the Company, a culture of combating illegality.


To this end, Roda S.r.l guarantees all Stakeholders the possibility, through the « TS Whistleblowing » platform that can be reached at, to report violations of national and European laws as well as company procedures and the adopted code of ethics when they have reasonable grounds to believe that the information is true and that they behave in good faith.


Roda S.r.l. is committed to protect the privacy of all those who are involved with professionalism and discretion, to respect the principles of confidentiality and fairness, to recognize the good faith of the whistleblowers and to guarantee their anonymity.


Please see the Whistleblowing Policy adopted by the Company for any further detail.