A 100% outdoor company
Innovation, design research, technology: RODA proposes its own vision of the Italian design in the world, dictating with its collections the lines of a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style.
Over twenty years of experience and successes, outcome of the acute intuition of the founder, Roberto Pompa, the first to introduce the concept of "IN & OUT", lead to the production of very high quality outdoor furniture,


RODA opens a new era, conceiving a new dimension of living that goes beyond the borders of the house: indoor and outdoor mingle with a harmonic language, in a spatial and conceptual continuum. The philosophy of RODA is based on the belief that it is possible to enjoy the outsides like a true interior design project, in which colors, materials and shapes remain faithful to the value of the spontaneity of living en plein air.


RODA leads a universal project, articulate, complex and complete, supported by the timely coordination efforts of Rodolfo Dordoni and developed over the years around precise values:

the taste, sensitive and sophisticated, is the fil rouge of every project that crosses the boundary between indoors and outdoors. The outdoors are furnished with the same care of the interiors; standing in the garden, on the terrace, under a porch, is not only appropriating of an exterior room, but it becomes another expression of living. A luxury of our days: the well-being due to the time we devote to ourselves;

the mimetic design: RODA furniture is not simply positioned outside, but it is intimately linked to the external environment too, where the colors of the materials can change and shift, almost looking for a unique and unrepeatable symbiosis with nature;

the perception of a Mediterranean flavor, natural, warm, welcoming and well-balanced in the shapes, describes cozy atmospheres, always able to reinvent and change every time where colors and materials blend in a harmonic union;

the identity of unique pieces, extremely recognizable, characterized by a strong personality that makes each item different from the others, but all sons of the same design thinking at the same time;

the versatility, the ability of RODA to move with elegance between inside and outside, to adapt to to all environments, to be modular and match crosswise with any other piece of furniture, creating environments in which every choice is the total expression the personality of its inhabitant;

the quality and durability, an attentive research of the finishes and an extreme care of details, to offer great durability and comfort; the materials, carefully selected, such as solid teak, natural stones, stainless steel, woven belts that, exasperated by the weather conditions, acquire a taste authentically lived, proving our existence;

the experience, which can be translated into tradition, innovation and competence, the key words which mark the entire production of the outdoor furniture of RODA, the result of years of work and efforts.


A story of quality and design, increasingly rich and sophosticated.

RODA was founded in Gavirate (Varese) in 1990. From 1990 to 2000, the company develops increasingly in Italy first and then in the world with the production of outdoor furniture in teak, characterized by quality and design. In 2004, RODA is the first manufacturer of outdoor furniture that turns its thoughts to collections that have the same cultural matrix of the interior, so contiguous to the outdoors to be able to interface harmoniously with them. This is the major turning point which led to the identification of Rodolfo Dordoni as the proper interpreter or RODA’s projects. From his drawings, the articulated NETWORK collection, which perfectly expresses this thought and this new way of living, was born; this collection leads RODA to be the pioneer of the innovative concept of “IN and OUT”, of which RODA claims full authorship.
The creative team of RODA, still leaded by Rodolfo Dordoni, is enriched during the years by the presence of another famous designer Gordon Guillaumier and of the stylist and colorist Gabriella Zecca, who helped to increase the sophisticated taste of RODA.
In 2007, RODA presents “the Catalog”, a unique book which clearly codified its innovative approach to the world of the outdoors and to the interior design, suggesting multiple scenarios in which the furniture alternate between the inside and the outside, in perfect harmony.
Subsequent works confirmed the attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance: the fabrics and the materials become an integral part of a vision that redraws the boundaries between IN and OUT, offering incredible possibilities of combination.


Excellent designers create excellent design

Rodolfo Dordoni | Roda

Rodolfo Dordoni

A Milan-born architect and designer with a degree in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. Over the years, he has designed for important international manufacturers. He works as a strategy consultant and artistic director of several Italian producers of furniture and lighting. His design style unites balance and sobriety with sensitive, sophisticated taste. This is seen in the many products, collections and systems he has designed throughout his career. In 2005, he founded Dordoni Architetti, which works in the fields of architecture and interior design for residential, commercial and expositional purposes. He designs private villas and apartments, shops, exposition spaces, restaurants and hotels. Dordoni Architetti received a 2011 Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione, and a 2014 honourable mention for the XXIII Compasso d’Oro. Dordoni and RODA began their collaboration in 2005 with the design of a collection, which led to his artistic directorship. These fundamental phases brought the company to optimum development and expression of indoor-outdoor furniture, which was a strong and innovative concept in those years. For RODA, Dordoni conducts strategic research for product development toward the constant, positive evolution of the interpretation of outdoor furniture that possesses style and functionality.

Michael Anastassiades

A Cyprus-born, London-based designer who studied civil engineering at Imperial College London before taking a master's degree in industrial design at the Royal College of Art. He founded his studio in London in 1994 and his eponymous company in 2007, offering a collection of lamps, furniture, objects and jewellery. His pieces are distinguished by their skilful use of materials and the immediacy of their function. Walking the line between fine arts and industrial design, they are minimalistic and functional, aimed at creating dialogue and interaction. His work is present in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Crafts Council in London, the FRAC Centre in Orléans, and the MAK Vienna. Anastassiades was proclaimed “Designer of the Year” in 2019 by the Elle Deco International Design Awards and in 2020 by the Maison&Object trade show. He was awarded a Compasso d’Oro in 2020.

Gordon Guillaumier | Roda

Gordon Guillaumier

A Malta-born designer educated in Malta, Switzerland, England and Italy. In 1991 he graduated in industrial design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. The following year, he obtained a master’s degree in industrial design at the Domus Academy in Milan. In 2002 he founded Studio Gordon Guillaumier in Milan, which designs products for international companies ranging from upholstered furniture to ceramics. His work includes artistic direction and interiors. His approach combines balance with attention for visual, tactile and textural aspects. Awards include the Wallpaper Design Award 2014, an honourable mention for the XXIV Compasso d’Oro in 2016, the ADI Ceramic Design Award 2016, and a NYCxDesign Award 2019. He lectured at Milan Polytechnic Faculty of Industrial Design and at Abadir Design Academy. At RODA, he is part of the team for artistic direction.

Piero Lissoni

An architect, designer and art director who has been developing international projects in architecture, interiors, products and graphic design for over thirty years. He is the artistic director of several important furniture companies. With offices in Milan and New York, Lissoni & Partners mixes different competencies with a distinct design approach in different sectors, maintaining a highly recognisable style and visual identity. Precision and simplicity characterise Lissoni’s meticulous attention for details, coherence and elegance, all combined with an eye for proportions and harmony. Lissoni has received numerous awards including the Good Design Award, Red Dot Award and the Compasso d’Oro.

Antonino Sciortino | Roda

Antonino Sciortino

Antonino Sciortino is a craftsman-artist, with an eclectic soul, able to reinterpret an old job in a completely new way and to transform it in art, play, pure creativity. The works of Antonino are inspired by opportunities and external incitements: they are made in one go and then worked again to satisfy his creative imagination. Sciortino also creates design objects or pieces of furniture for commission of companies and individuals who see and fall in love of the items he realizes. His works are versatile, adaptable, useful for more functions and locations. Sciortino makes possible the recovery of that rich heritage of knowledge related to the artisan work where the inspiration and Italian creativity give their best, allowing the spread of the excellence and the creativity of our country, around the world.

Adam D. Tihany | Roda

Adam D. Tihany

Designer based in New York, the city where he founded his studio in 1978. An early pioneer of the hospitality industry, and an award-winning designer, he is internationally renown for creating innovative interiors worldwide, including The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Breakers Palm Beach, Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Four Seasons Dubai DIFC and The Oberoi in New Delhi to mention a few. He creates ground- breaking luxury cruise ships such as Seabourn Encore and Ovation and award-winning restaurants for celebrity chefs such as Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud and Heston Bloomenthal. He is currently the creative director of Costa Cruises in Italy and of the iconic British cruise line Cunard. His firm’s bespoke designs often incorporate custom products and furniture, which has resulted in collaborations with notable companies.

Maria Gabriella Zecca | Roda

Maria Gabriella Zecca

A colour specialist and stylist who has been researching new trends for products, coordinating the corporate image of companies, and defining the aesthetics of furniture and fabric producers for many years. Her artistic and creative consultancy develops textiles and their colourways, colour charts, fabric finishes and materials. Clients are from the fields of upholstered furniture and interior design. Zecca creates sets for photography, stands and showrooms, and designs furniture and home accessories. She has been conducting research and development for outdoor fabrics and rugs at RODA for over fifteen years. Since 2017 she has been designing them, too. Gabriella Zecca is part of the company team for artistic direction.