Excellent designers create excellent design. Talented designers enrich and enhance RODA’s collection in the name of style and continuity, under Rodolfo Dordoni’s perceptive oversight.

RODA Designer RodolfoDordoni RODA
Rodolfo Dordoni
Gordon Guillaumier
RODA Designer PieroLissoni RODA
Piero Lissoni
RODA Designer MichaelAnastassiades
Michael Anastassiades
Antonino Sciortino
Maria Gabriella Zecca
RODA Designer AdamTihany RODA
Adam D. Tihany
Roda Designer Luca Pevere
Luca Pevere

The RODA collections create inviting spaces to envelope a dimension of happiness, to fill the senses with well-being, to let nature be the backdrop for hospitality and gratification.