Domaine de l'Ansa - Francia | Roda


Domaine de l'Ansa - France

Project: M2 Atelier
Photo: Laurent Saint Jean / 3Mille

M2 Atelier Studio has selected RODA garden products to furnish the outdoor areas of Domaine de l'ansa, a private vacation rental that acts more like a private resort.
The project is part of the Fredensborg Collection - villas and boutique hotels for a very demanding clientele - and covers an area of about 5 hectares. The property consists of three buildings: Mainhouse, Poolhouse and Guesthouse almost completely independent. The studio's intervention saw the transformation of the pre-existing structure into a project of the highest level. The project is characterized by very simplified lines where the protagonist is the landscape.
Outside, Domaine de l'Ansa has a gorgeous lush property with an amazing ocean view.
DANDY design sofas and HARP outdoor armchairs blend harmoniously in with the project of the villa, recreating exclusive design living areas.