420 Kent – USA

420 Kent is a three-towered luxury rental complex in Williamsburg, New York. The structure is modern, with a large number of balconies and terraces that host exclusive outdoor furniture on which to relax and enjoy the magnificent open view of the East River, the Manhattan Skyline and the bridges of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg.

The Sunset Lounge is a central location designed for dynamic interaction in a calm, soothing setting where in&out seems to have no boundaries. Here there is PIER outdoor table with NETWORK patio chairs which are perfectly integrated in the indoor project.

The pool club is on the rooftop where ORSON pool sun loungers with teak structure surrond the water. Thanks to its strategic position, its design and the services it offers, 420 Kent is one of the most valued building of New York.

Location: Williamsburg, New York
Project: ODA
Photo: Albert Vecerka