Apartment in Neuilly – France

On this south-facing Parisian terrace part of a renovated 1970s duplex, landscaper Didier Clément had carte blanche to create little oases of wild nature able to withstand wind and high temperatures.

Olive trees, rosemary, cypresses and stone pines offer shade to the BRICK teak garden table and the TEKA chairs with armrests. Laid out over 180 sq m, the roof terrace was completely renovated and transformed into a suspended garden.

Under the large Crape Myrtle that stretches towards the sky and appears to blend with the surrounding tree tops, the lounging area formed by the TEKA sofa, armchairs and coffee table is an invitation to enjoy the last rays of sun.

Location: Neuilly Sur Seine
Project: Romain Chancel Interiors - Didier Clément
Photo: Yannick Labrousse