Casa sull’Albero – Italy

In the ancient village of Malgrate, overlooking Como Lake and surrounded by a secular park, the “Casa sull’Albero”, member of Design Hotels, is composed of two attractive and modern villas with 12 rooms, outdoor pool, cinema, library and meeting areas and a garden furnished with RODA outdoor products.

Casa sull’Albero has a unique architectural design, perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape, where the Italian design emerges with discretion and class, and nature itself is an indispensable part of the project, through the old trees of the park, the mountains that crown the surrounding landscape, the blue and the green of the lake that fascinate the guest. MISTRAL two- seater sofas and LAWRENCE lounge chairs, thanks to their sophisticated style, finds a perfect location at the Casa sull’Albero, through a set-up which does not exceeds nature, but becomes an integral part of it.

Location: Malgrate (LC)
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