Dar Ahlam – Morocco

Dar Ahlam is a traditional kasbah created by Thierry Teyssier on the edge of the Moroccan desert near Ouarzazate in the Skoura palm grove.
This House of Dreams, set in a Garden of Eden with a swimming pool amongst the palm trees, boasts 14 suites.

RODA outdoor furniture fits harmoniously in this dreamy resort; here the guests could relax surrounded by a lush garden where rosebushes, palm, olive and almond trees grow. The aromas coming from this oasis intoxicate guests comfortably seated on NETWORK sun loungers and garden sofas alongside the ocher swimming pool. Like some kind of fantastic illusion, Dar Ahlam leaves you with memories which prove that life offers occasions that are even more beautiful than dreams.

Location: Skoura
Project: Hervé Morand
Photo: Nicola Matheus