Family Residence – Bahamas

Dani Neville Design is a London based interior design practice, committed to delivering individual projects that marry a clean modernity with a love of colour and texture. The studio worked on the upgrade of an already fabulous family residence, where form, comfort and functionality of all items selected was incredibly important.

Outdoor items needed to tolerate the extreme weather of the Bahamas, be light enough to quickly move if required and at the same time be aesthetically pleasing and deliver on comfort.
RODA outdoor products perfectly perform this task and adhere to the initial project, as they squarely represent the concept of durability.

This means that RODA’s materials, assembly techniques and fabrics are very carefully chosen in every detail.
Even the fabrics, extremely hi‐performing outside, are the result of a technical and stylish design research.

Location: Bahamas
Project: Dani Neville Design
Photo: Robyn Damianos