Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Italy

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most luxurious hotel in Lake Como, an authentic Art Nouveau palace that offers a warm inviting welcome and the delights of a true 5-star vacation. The guests of Grand Hotel Tremezzo can also enjoy the beauty of Villa Sola Cabiati, which has been considered, since the 18th century, one of the most beautiful villas flanking Lake Como. Villa Sola Cabiati is famous for the beauty of its rooms and frescoes, its peaceful gardens and refined reception spaces.

The Villa has a splendid Italian garden, which is divided into four great parterres bursting with flowers. Extending behind is the more romantic and wild park, sloping up towards the mountain, through pathways lined with ferns and sweet-smelling trees. RODA outdoor collections furnish the park with their minimal and elegant design, harmonizing perfectly in this naturalistic location, and making much more exclusive the gardens of Villa Sola Cabiati.

Location: Tremezzo
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Photo: Tommaso Picone - Genius Loci