Memmo Príncipe Real Hotel – Portugal

Príncipe Real is without a doubt the most aristocratic and cosmopolitan neighborhood in Lisbon. It’s here, in this quarter, where the contrast between the historical side of the city with its ancient buildings and antiquaries, and the contemporary Lisbon bustling with modern shops and trendy restaurants is more evident.

The hotel naturally blends into this scenario, in perfect harmony with the past and the present, standing high in a privileged location. The hotel access is made through a narrow street, a small tunnel that leads to a secret sightseeing spot with breathtaking views over the city.

It’s in this quiet square that the hotel is located, almost levitating at the top of the hill with panoramic views over the heart of Lisbon.
Here, one finds the same limestone flooring used in historical buildings and royal palaces throughout the city. The hotel also showcases a mix of contemporary and classic styles in a cosmopolitan ambience of tranquility and impeccable service that provides the visitor with a Lisbon experience that feels both timeless and authentically local.
RODA exclusive products furnish the outdoor terrace and pool, located in a central, stylish and comfortable area of the hotel with a unique view overlooking the city.

Location: Lisbon
Project: Samuel Torres De Carvalho