Private residence in Oberhofen – Switzerland

The Atelier Oï has realized a high-class project conceived to decorate a private residence on the Lake Thun. The elegant house has been expanded with a structure of modern and minimalist design that allows the direct access to the swimming-pool and the garden.

RODA outdoor patio furniture has been chosen to decorate the patio with a beautiful view of the lake and the dining room with glass walls to fully enjoy the panorama and feeling surrounded by the natural environment on the lake shore.
BASKET garden sofas are the perfect choice, thanks to their geometric elegance, to decorate with style such a sophisticated location; the BRICK outdoor table and the ORSON garden chairs have been chosen for the dining room, the former is completely made of wood and it perfectly fits in the naturalistic context, the latter are a reinterpretation of the traditional director’s chair with a soft support made of synthetic fiber.

Location: Oberhofen
Project: Atelier Oï
Photo: Atelier Oï