Private villa in Sant’Ilario – Italy

Outside, an original and mysterious decor that dialogues with the century-old bougainvillea, the focal point of a terraced garden offering picturesque views of the sea. Inside, a functional and flexible design that responds to the needs of contemporary living, with skilfully calibrated materials that create sophisticated colour combinations.

These are the defining elements of a private home in Sant’Ilario, a safe and welcoming haven with breathtaking views of the sea and unique and ever-changing perspectives. Architects Marijana Radovic and Marco Bonelli, Founder of m2atelier, designed the restoration project of this residence in Sant’Ilario, above charming Nervi, overlooking the Gulf of Genoa.

The main volume of the residence is surrounded by rich vegetation, some of it original and consisting of olive trees and holm oaks. In the garden, the recovery of an old vegetable garden is part of a broader concept of a self-sufficient house, of “0 km” production, sustainability and quality of life.
LAZE lounge chair and sofa, designed by Gordon Guillaumier, blend in with the surrounding nature, completing the original project.

Location: Sant'Ilario (GE)
Project: m2atelier
Photo: Lorenzo Pennati