Sanlorenzo SL102A-710

Among the main shipyards in the world specializing in the production of yachts and superyachts, Sanlorenzo returns to the international scene with a bold and innovative project, developing SL 102A/710, the first asymmetric motoryacht in the world.

For an advanced approach to livable spaces, yacht SL 102A/710 was created with the aim of obtaining greater usability of the interior spaces, and better access to the exterior.
Sanlorenzo once again dares to offer something never seen before, never thought of, and never created yachting: a boat with different sides.

The asymmetry has in fact allowed for placing a large dining room with full-height window that overlooks the sea on one side, while on the other, to starboard, a living room that opens on a balcony. A creative idea that compared to a traditional layout, allows for more space, brightness, relaxation, and better flexibility of use.
RODA outdoor products furnish the cockpit and the fly bridge, creating a very exclusive atmosphere, even on the open sea.

Project: Sanlorenzo Yacht
Photo: Thomas Pagani