Villa Emma – Italy

Villa Emma melts the rigour of “Stazzi”, the local rural buildings, with the modern house principles of open floor plans and connection between outdoor and indoor spaces. This house plays poetically with the sky and the land. The hand-cut granite stones plunge into the natural landscape while the sliding glass doors reflect the sky and when completely open tranform the house into a terrace.

Mario Mazzer Architects captured the expressive potential of materials by creating new finishings for different spaces and uses and selected RODA garden furniture for the outdoor area. Poolside ARENA offers moments of relaxation where to take a break or sunbathe thanks to its generous dimensions, while the PIPER sofas with high backrest with belts and low with batyline create an intimate corner where admire the magnificent view of the sea and the coast of Sardinia.

Location: Porto Rotondo (OT)
Project: Mario Mazzer Architects
Photo: Filippo Bamberghi