Villa MC – Italy

The interiors of Villa MC have many different outlooks but only one face: the one that’s illuminated by natural light. The space is defined by a wooden floor and a white wall. The discreet exteriors welcome the morning light and guests who decide to spend time walking or relaxing. Villa MC is the home of a family accustomed to hosting friends.

Ultrapresent, the design studio that oversaw the project, interpreted conviviality as the need for large spaces to ensure continuous dialogue between interior and exterior; spaces for moving, sitting, gathering around long tables. There’s a poetic dialogue between the living area and the large garden surrounding the building. The maple tree in the small patio adds tangible softness to the encounter between exterior and interior.

The garden enters the house and warmly invites you to sit around the teak table of the LEVANTE collection. The table and chair, both designed by Piero Lissoni, create a cozy designer corner for pleasant moments in good company.

Location: Padova
Project: Ultrapresent Studio