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Teak: our teak is First European Quality, rated by the FEQ standards. It is used in its natural state (without synthetic surface treatments) for furniture structures and tabletops.
Teak: when exposed to the weather, the surface of teak oxidises, providing the wood with natural protection and giving it a characteristic silver-grey colour.
WR Teak: the special hue acquired through this treatment brings out the wood’s veining, giving the teak an elegant finish with a natural effect.
Iroko: particularly hard type of wood that comes from the forests of Equatorial Africa and South America. It is yellow-brown coloured and can be variegated after seasoning.
Larch: larch-wood has a two-tone yellow hue and a straight grain.
Teak: teak’s natural oiliness guarantees exceptional resistance to outdoor conditions, in addition to making it silky to the touch.
WR Teak: whitened teak is obtained by several cycles of brushing and painting that augment the wood’s waterproofness and weather-resistance.
Iroko: very resistant to temperature variations, humidity and atmospheric agents. The Iroko wood used by RODA is FSC® certified.
Larch: good stability and elevated impermeability make larch an ideal outdoor material.
Green Vision
Teak/WR Teak: available upon request: high-quality teak certified by the FSC®, grown under forest-friendly management.
Teak: the paint makes the wood impermeable to the absorption of impurities and liquids, meaning less prone to staining.
Roda Website Wood Teak
Roda Website Wood WRTeak
Weather Resistant (WR) Teak
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